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Beth Jean’s dedication to making one-of-a-kind children's videos involves everything from editing every sparkle and clay animal to creating her own “mini-sets” featuring light-up cellophane rivers, tinfoil dance discos in outer space, and more. Zipping on a green-screen suit to jump into her unique universe, Beth Jean performs in her self-produced segments, “A Beth Jean Daydream,” for The Friday Zone, broadcast from Bloomington, Indiana PBS station WTIU-TV and seen throughout the Midwest. From roaming with gnomes to painting dinosaur toes, “A Beth Jean Daydream” creates a world of lo-fi magic reminiscent of classic ‘80s children’s shows, with a touch of hi-fi for a blend of wonder and quirk.


After starting to “fiddle around” with music at age eleven, Beth Jean became an accomplished, classically trained violinist. She later turned to songwriting and playing guitar along with the multiple quirky instruments that are heard in her tunes today. Before shifting focus to children's music, Beth Jean wrote pop songs that were heard on such networks as MTV and E!


Beth Jean has sung in music clubs and coffee shops, traded witty comebacks with her improv team on the Second City stage in Hollywood, and played a wide range of theatrical roles in plays and musicals throughout the country. With a strong background in tap dance, Beth Jean also has a resume full of choreographing musicals and revues for regional stages. 


Around her album releases, Beth Jean could be seen performing onstage for kids and families. She enjoyed hosting and performing local summer concert series.

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